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The Importance of Auditing

As modern infection control standards are becoming increasingly improved in hospital, nursing and other care residential environments, then so does the importance of regular mattress / other equipment auditing processes.



Thankfully, we have some experienced groups within our hospitals, who manage the control and prevention of infections. When this experience is coupled with the team at Herida Healthcare, our free audit services provide full management and documentation which ensures regular compliance to the appropriate governing bodies, whilst reducing the spread of needless infections due to damaged or soiled equipment.

Here at Herida we have many years’ of experience, specifically within the healthcare mattress manufacturing and auditing business. However, we are proud to continue our educational standards in light of improved and ongoing guidelines.

Often, with mattresses in particular, they look fine on the outside. However, be careful of what lies under the surface as this educational / information document is intended to provide attention towards.



How it Works

Our teams will meet with the relevant members within your organisation and conduct detailed planning and logistics. This includes partnering with appropriate specialist waste disposal teams, who have relevant waste disposal licences and recognise the importance of managing contaminated waste.

After our detailed planning, including the aforementioned, a successful audit can go ahead. The mattress audit outcome is presented in both digital and hard copy formats, that your Trust or home can keep on record and act in accordance with the Care Quality Commission or other appropriate bodies and subject to the data found throughout. 

If you require a one to one audit meeting about our free audit services, or even just a friendly conversation to learn more about our services on offer, please contact our Customer Services Department on our Freephone number: +44(0)800 193 6030.


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