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Matt Hancock learns more about Herida’s reusable surgical gown during NHS Trust visit

It comes as environmental concerns regarding PPE come to fore in the wake of the pandemic, particularly regarding single-use plastic gloves, masks and gowns.

At the end of June 2020, the government confirmed that it had delivered two billion pieces of PPE to NHS and social care staff across England in just four months.

Concerningly, conservationists and environmentalists have sounded the alarm over the disposal of these items, with The World Economic warning: “Waterlogged masks, gloves, hand sanitizer bottles and other coronavirus waste are already being found on our seabeds and washed up on our beaches.”

During his visit to the North East NHS Trust, Mr Hancock found out more about how the hospital has embraced reusable gowns as part of a new partnership between Herida Healthcare and North Tees & Hartlepool Solutions (NTH Solutions) – a subsidiary of North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Trust.

The collaboration has led to Leeds-based manufacturer Herida entering the PPE space with its recyclable high-grade gowns which can be reused up to 50 times while NTH Solutions handles decontamination, sterilisation and redistribution within the Trust.

Discussing the Health and Social Care Secretary’s visit and interest in the gown, Sean Spencer, Herida Healthcare’s newly-appointed CEO, commented: “It’s fantastic to see the Health Secretary supporting this visit. He models the Herida gown very well. With news about PPE ending up in landfill and causing all sorts of problems, littering our beautiful countryside, our 100 per cent recyclable product offers a multitude of benefits and without diluting any element of protection for the user

“We aim to work closer together with our customers in order to educate the benefits for all concerned in order to make reusable products our first selection.”

Claiming the new gown “is probably the highest protection gown available on the market today” at 95kpa of pressure protection, Herida Healthcare added that the partnership has seen the gowns supplied to NHS Trusts across the UK.

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