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Dynamic Best Practice


Patients with severe spinal injuries / fractures should not be using this product.

Do not attach the mattress to the fixed part of the bed frame. It should be secured to the moving / working parts to ensure the bed can be profiled as required.

This product forms part of a holistic care package and should only be used by trained personnel. For training or further advice contact Herida Healthcare on Freephone +44(0)800 193 6030.


Profiled Bed & Mattress – Clinical & Carer Considerations

If the bed is in the profiled position & the patient is touching the foam base, ensure that the pump pressure is increased accordingly to appropriately accommodate (*see below). Unless the clinical condition dictates, it is not advised to adjust the bed profile beyond 45°.



The Lothian II™ will continue to operate beyond this but may cause increased pressure points on the patient. A fist or hand test to ensure patient clearance under the sacral area is a best practice guide (see image 1DA and diagram of profiled mattress 2DA below).

If you are dealing with heavier or more complex patients that require a deeper cell mattress, then please contact your provider or seek assistance via Herida Customer Services on UK Freephone number +44(0)800 193 6030.


(NB: use hand to check ensure appropriate clearance when profiled as below. Add more pressure on the pump if required in order to achieve this. NB: Weight setting is a guide only and cell pressure must also be taken into consideration for individual patients).


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